I Can Sit and Walk Again

    This is Dr Samantha Frembgen. I would like to pass on a thank you letter to Dr Bertagnoli and his staff. See below.

    Please pass on this letter: 


    Dear Dr Bertagnoli, Dr Nickl, and staff:
    This is Samantha Frembgen. I had my three level ADR (L3 through S1) on February 22, 2023.

    I am now 6 months post-op and my quality of life is already 100% better!
    For 5 years since my back injury I could not sit for even long enough to use the toilet.  As the condition progressed I was unable to stand or walk slowly for more than 5 minutes. Getting a lumbar fusion was contraindicated with my hypermobile connective tissue disorder so I thought my life was over, until I discovered the option of disc replacement.

    For the first time in 5 years, I can sit again!!! This means:
    ..I can go to restaurants again,
    ..I can drive my car again (without having to squat and use my hand controls),
    ..I can go to movie theaters again,
    ..I can sit on a toilet again (instead of having to squat on it)..
    Also, because I can sit again, I can travel again!
    ..I can drive rental cars again,
    ..I can use public transportaton (sitting) again,
    ..I can sit in airplanes again...

    I can walk slowly again!  This means:
    I can go grocery shopping again without having to lean into the shopping cart,
    I can go shopping for clothes and jewelry and browse for fun again,
    I can slow walk around street fairs and museums,

    I can stand again! This means:
    I can stand while waiting in line again (instead of squatting the whole time),
    I can bow at the end of my dance performances again (instead of curtseying),
    I can cough or sneeze while standing again (instead of having to squat),
    I can step into a pothole without curling up in severe pain which lasts for 2 weeks...

    My gratitude list keeps growing every day as I experience new things.
    Dr Bertagnoli not only saved my back, he saved my life. I cannot thank you enough!

    Vielen Dank, und sehr viel mehr! Ich vermisse allen Ihnen!
    -Dr. Samantha Frembgen

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